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Afghan perceptions and experiences of corruption, a national survey 2010

Corruption is rampant and has become more entrenched in all areas of life in Afghanistan. The Afghan population as a whole paid twice as much in 2009 as it had paid in 2006. Bribery today represents a burden of 1 billion USD on the Afghan GDP. One adult in seven experienced direct bribery in Afghanistan in 2009 while 28% of Afghan households paid a bribe to obtain at least one public service.

This is the second corruption survey produced by Integrity Watch Afghanistan in a continuous effort to increase transparency, integrity and accountability through policy-oriented research. The survey which was conducted at the end of 2009 in 32 provinces of Afghanistan covering a representative sample of 6,500 respondents assesses the impact of corruption on the relationship between Afghan citizens and the state, the trust in state and non-state institutions, the

perceived support of the international community for anti-corruption efforts and the links of corruption and perceptions of corruption with insurgency and conflict. The survey is focused on petty or administrative corruption, which has the most direct and widespread effects on Afghan citizens.

The findings of this survey shows that corruption threatens the legitimacy of state-building, badly affects state-society relations, feeds frustration and the support for the insurgency, leads to increasing inequality, impedes the rule of law according to Afghan standards, hinders access to basic public services, which impacts the poor most severely, and has a major negative effect on economic development.

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